Windows XP Running Slow – Five Steps to Getting a Lightning Fast PC Again

If you experience your windows XP computer running slow crashing down or freezing for a few minutes and shutting down, chances are your computer has data overload or registry corruption. You can fix this and stop windows XP running slow.

Hard drives today have a big capacity but you can fill this up to the limits because aside from the usual data that you store, photos and videos also occupy a lot of space and on top of that as you keep downloading things it eats into your free space as well.

If you have had your windows XP computer for a few years and do not want to buy a new one you can easily speed it up. The great thing is windows XP when it is configured properly runs much faster and more reliably for most people than windows vista.

Here is how you can stop windows XP running slow on you in no time.

1. Get rid of all the temporary file son your computer. To do this run the windows disk cleanup program in windows. You can find this under system tools. Alternatively download and run a system and registry scanner which will find all the files you do not need and help you to remove them automatically without risk of removing the wrong files at all.

2. Remove every program you do not need. You can do this by going to the control panel and to add and remove programs or by using a system optimizer that is part of a registry and system scanner. This will find programs and setting that can removed or disabled to help you stop windows XP running slow.

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3. After you have run these two steps run the windows disk defragmenter program. After you have run the above steps the hard drive will have a lot of free space and programs and files will be scattered everywhere and the computer may temporarily slow down. By running this defragmenter your windows XP computer will organize your files in order and speed it right up again.

4. The registry gets full of errors and fragmented over time. If you find windows XP running slow then this is definitely going to be a source of the problem as well. Download and run a system and registry scanner. This will not only scan the registry but the rest of your computer for errors that have built up over time. It will then fix them and for you.

5. The registry gets fragmented in the same way as your hard drive does and windows does not have a tool to fix this and this can result in a slow running computer. By running a system and registry scanner you can defragment the registry as well and stop windows XP running slow.

Instead of throwing your computer out and trying to buy a new one you can do this yourself and speed up your computer in minutes. If you find your PC is slow all you need to do is to scan it right now and make it run fast again in minutes.

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